Alexander Joshua Kinzig

       Storage Project (Amsterdam, NL)

   Gerrit Rietveld Academie:
       Graduation Show 2023 (Amsterdam, NL)

   SNDO Graduation
       Festival 2023 (Amsterdam, NL)

   Atelierhaus 14 (Bonn, DE)
   Pain.Pleasure (Amsterdam, NL)
   Rietveld In Georgia:
        Reflections on the Fall (Tbilisi, GE)

   Danarti Architecture
        Magazine Issue #18 (Tbilisi, GE)

        SUBITILE (Amsterdam, NL)

   KINO Mshvidoba (Khevi, GE)
   BIGG: Before I Gotta Go,
         Über Weggehen und
         Wiederkommen (Bonn, DE)

   CHROMA: Reassessing Color
        From The Margins (Amsterdam, NL)

   awi saw ða saund (I saw
        the sound) TADAAA (Amsterdam, NL)



→ EIGHT CUBIC METERS: Storage Project (Amsterdam, NL)

CURRENTLY ON VIEW @ Sint Nicolaasstraat 2, Amsterdam

In this six-week long exhibition artists Alexander Joshua Kinzig and Liza Borovikova raise important questions about space. After having recently graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, the two artists decided to create a platform for their fellow students in need of space. As the square-meter prices skyrocket, young artists are as affected as anyone else.  

Struggling to find studios to work in or even places to store their just-cleared-out graduation works, recent art school graduates all face the same question, in many ways. Where? Alexander Joshua Kinzig and Liza Borovikova are taking over Eight Cubic Meters for six weeks, presenting works that simply cannot be placed anywhere else right now. Ranging from their own work, accompannied by ceramics, books, chairs, small installations, digital archives, over to the tools that were used to create these very artworks. 

Existing inbetween storage and gallery space, the artists turn Eight Cubic Meters into a tool for themselves aswell: old-school rip-off flyers call for action!  “Have a space?” they ask. Alexander and Liza hope to create a platform for the next round of graduates, a platform to make space more easily accessible to creatives. They see this project as the start of a year-long process of creating a better dialogue in terms of useable space for artists.

Storage Project is open and on view 24/7
from July 13 until September 7 2023

Eight Cubic Meters
Sint Nicolasstraat 2, Amsterdam NL

CURRENTLY ON VIEW @ Sint Nicolaasstraat 2, Amsterdam