Alexander Joshua Kinzig

       Storage Project (Amsterdam, NL)

   Gerrit Rietveld Academie:
       Graduation Show 2023 (Amsterdam, NL)

   SNDO Graduation
       Festival 2023 (Amsterdam, NL)

   Atelierhaus 14 (Bonn, DE)
   Pain.Pleasure (Amsterdam, NL)
   Rietveld In Georgia:
        Reflections on the Fall (Tbilisi, GE)

   Danarti Architecture
        Magazine Issue #18 (Tbilisi, GE)

        SUBITILE (Amsterdam, NL)

   KINO Mshvidoba (Khevi, GE)
   BIGG: Before I Gotta Go,
         Über Weggehen und
         Wiederkommen (Bonn, DE)

   CHROMA: Reassessing Color
        From The Margins (Amsterdam, NL)

   awi saw ða saund (I saw
        the sound) TADAAA (Amsterdam, NL)



→   CHROMA: Reassessing Color From The Margins (Amsterdam, NL)

Exhibition Design developed by Alexander Joshua Kinzig and Mihali Pavlopoulos.
In this group show the artisis showcased their takes on the wide experience of color stigma, ranging from participatory installations to audio experiences. The works are the result of a three month in-depth exploration of the political and personal significance of color and its effects on our lives and perceptions among.

In collaboration with Werker.

Location: DeBouwput
Reference: Exhibiton