Alexander Joshua Kinzig

       Storage Project (Amsterdam, NL)

   Gerrit Rietveld Academie:
       Graduation Show 2023 (Amsterdam, NL)

   SNDO Graduation
       Festival 2023 (Amsterdam, NL)

   Atelierhaus 14 (Bonn, DE)
   Pain.Pleasure (Amsterdam, NL)
   Rietveld In Georgia:
        Reflections on the Fall (Tbilisi, GE)

   Danarti Architecture
        Magazine Issue #18 (Tbilisi, GE)

        SUBITILE (Amsterdam, NL)

   KINO Mshvidoba (Khevi, GE)
   BIGG: Before I Gotta Go,
         Über Weggehen und
         Wiederkommen (Bonn, DE)

   CHROMA: Reassessing Color
        From The Margins (Amsterdam, NL)

   awi saw ða saund (I saw
        the sound) TADAAA (Amsterdam, NL)



→ Danarti Architecture Magazine Issue #18

Danarti Issue #18
Issue #18 of Danarti is made in collaboration by Mai Bauvald, Lana Bolkvadze, Liza Borovikova, Imma Caretta, Yoohee Cha, Klara Debeljak, Anaëlle Enjalbert, Jeanne Gironde, Julian Hill, Tomáš Hlava, Minhu Jun, Alexander Joshua Kinzig, Özgür Deniz Koldaş, Susu Lee, Jana Sofie Liebe, Una María Magnúsdóttir, Skye McKinney, Augustinas Milkus, Uma Naddermier, Mihali Pavlopoulos, Ran-Re Reimann, Sanna Rink, Louise de Viry and Jungeun Yang during a six- week residency in Georgia held by designer and publisher Timur Akhmetov.

The issue focuses on ‘Budka’, small architectural objects built by citizens for various uses that can be compared to kiosks, and it's compiled and designed by the artists with co-supervision and co-editing by the architect David Brodsky, as part of his own research on Georgia’s post-Soviet informal architecture.